Marketing & Web Design

Since joining Appointedd, I have led a major rebrand: launching a simpler, more recognisable logo across all of our marketing, and introducing clear colour and typography guidelines to the team.

Within this rebrand, I was responsible for the update of our marketing website (built using Hubspot CMS). Prior to the rebrand, the site was built using an overwhelming array of templates and inconsistent styles. To tackle this, I built up a library of resusable custom modules (components), in which the marketing team can override content on each page. This ensures a consistent style on the site, without marketing needing to worry about CSS. It also makes the site easier to update, and simplifies the process of adding new pages.

In addition to these website and branding updates, I have created reusable document templates and a script to generate consistent branded social images from a CSV file. A major part of my work is to make it easier for others in the team to produce on-brand content and materials, without relying on my input.

I led a re-brand in late 2016 – developing new brand guidelines to help target an enterprise market.

A reusable 'custom module'/component I designed and built in Hubspot to promote Appointedd's integrations.

A landing page for the Appointedd's API documentation. The dotted background is animated using to slowly change colour over time.

A component I designed and built to promote the Appointedd mobile app throughout our website.

Appointedd's pricing page, which I designed & built.

Sales documents produced in InDesign.

Miscellaneous branded images to promote feature enhancements through our marketing channels.