CustomerExperience.io (cx.io) is a content curation community site built for customer experience professionals. I had the idea for this project through personal use of other niche community sites such as Product Hunt, Designer News, and Web Designer News. The site allows users to submit relevant Customer Experience content, which is then displayed on the homepage for all users. Additionally, users can comment on and "upvote" any content, which results in a filtered feed of content that highlights the most popular customer experience content.

I developed this site as an Opinurate side project to aid our marketing efforts. The site was developed using Telescope, an open-source, real-time social project built with MeteorJS. I implemented numerous style enhancements to the default telescope design. In addition, I implemented a custom "welcome email", which is sent to new users upon registration.

Tools used in development of this project include: Git, MeteorJS, MongoDB.

The CustomerExperience.io homepage. I implemented numerous visual enhancements to this page from the default Telescope styles.

The "About" CustomerExperience.io page I developed to give visitors an overview of the project.

A major aspect of building a community through CustomerExperience.io has been by reaching out to companies operating in the Customer Experience industry, and offering them guest blogging / interview opportunities though the site. I designed and developed numerous custom interview posts, such as this interview for Rant & Rave.