Marketing Website

I maintain the Opinurate marketing website, which I originally designed in 2013. Since then, I have completed considerable refactors of the site, and am continuously designing and developing small enhancements to the site. Recent enhancements have been the addition of three landing pages, which are used to promote marketing case studies.

Technologies used on Opinurate.com: Grunt, Lo-Dash templates, Twitter Bootstrap.

The Opinurate.com homepage. This section features a full-width video background video.

As the Opinurate dashboard is designed to be used by an array of users across organisations, I designed this section to outline the features of value for employees in typical retail positions.

A testimonial section I designed and developed to promote clients Opinurate has worked with.

A simple "Contact" page which features a custom-styled Google maps canvas I implemented using the Google Maps Javascript API.

A landing page I designed and developed to capture prospective leads in exchange for a Customer Experience guide. As Opinurate.com is a static site, I connected the form to submit directly to our marketing automation system, which triggered notification emails to members of the marketing team, and added the individual who submitted the form to a segmented list depending on the landing page form they submitted.

A simple job post I designed and developed for the Opinurate website. As Opinurate.com is a static site, I used Lo-dash templates to reduce code dupliation across the various jobs we have recruited for.

A minimal "coming soon" page I produced for another Opinurate side project, TextFeedback.com.